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About Us

Here at Sero Hair we love hair (obviously) and we love people, this is why we support ethical sustainability. We produce premium Virgin Remy hair of the highest quality, ethically sourced from the communities of India. The money made by the temples we buy from goes back into supporting the community around them, we are 100% dedicated to supporting the community that supports us. It’s not all about ethics and community service. We produce products of a higher standard and back ourselves on quality. Our stylists have witnessed first-hand the damage that can occur when using other sub-par products. Every day we continue to set ourselves apart. The results speak for themselves.

We want people to jump on-board with us; not just because we’re the best; but because we have complete transparency on our production process. There are no under-handed deals; our products and the communities we source them from are completely open. Very few companies can say that with confidence. We love answering questions about the communities we support and the products we produce. This is just one of the reasons why retailers and wholesalers are so comfortable purchasing from us.

The foundation of our success and continued growth is based on the quality of the Virgin Remy human hair we produce and the service we provide. Quality and service are the pillars on which Sero Hair is built, this is never compromised for profit. Strict quality control processes at every stage of production ensures that the Remy human hair we produce is the best. We have a great team of staff who understand that a quality product is number one. Everyone on the team has the eye for innovation and we are proficient in the latest hair drying technology. We always want the finished products that go to our clients to be durable and long lasting. Our quality control processes are in place to ensure this is always the case.

With our strong distribution network and infrastructure, we are able to distribute to retailers and wholesalers globally, we are already distributing to The United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Europe and India with great success.

I’m interested, but does Virgin Remy hair suit everyone?

Indian hair is preferred by people who want a natural look, it is think and strong but still feels light and airy especially after being washed. Naturally straight Indian hair will go wavy after a few days of application and even more so when washed. For most people this is perfect for their hair type.

If you want super thick hair for a full head of extensions, Indian or Brazilian are your best choices. If you want fine hair to add body to your own you can choose between Malaysian and Brazilian. Our virgin hair is custom made into Pre-bonded Tips, Clips, Bulk hair, Machine Weft and Hand Weft. The application choice is yours!

We have hair available in a variety of colours, with lengths from 8 inches to 30 inches. You can click here (insert link) to view our range of colours.