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Our Process

Sero Hair takes great care to ensure you are receiving top quality “Grade A” virgin Indian hair. Virgin Indian hair needs rigorous guidelines and quality control measures to ensure the consistency and quality you deserve

Step 1: Procurement of Indian Hair

All of our Indian hair is collected from the largest temples in India. Each bundle of hair is gathered from one person, making our hair true single drawn Indian hair. All of the hair is exclusively handpicked in regions where only soft non-damaging water is used.

Step 2: Refining Process

The strands of each bundle are then individually quality inspected, nits and any unacceptable strands such as gray hairs are removed. Hair is then gathered together and refined, all non-matching textures and grays are removed.

Step 3: Cleanse and Condition

Each bundle is then conditioned with an industrial organic shampoo to get it 100% hygienic for consumer use. The hair is then sun dried without heat tools to ensure the cuticle remains intact and aligned. No other treatment or processing is used, unlike other companies. We will not treat the hair with chemicals or any level of processing, we don’t believe in artificially dressing up the hair with shine or texture, these types of treatments can alter the structure of the hair and lead to problems. We want your hair to be as pure as possible, so you can be in control of your hair quality from the beginning itself. Once you start maintaining your hair is when the true beauty shines through, you’ll see the hair naturally get more beautiful after each shampoo and condition treatment. Want to learn more about true virgin Indian hair, just ask.

Step 4: Double Quality Inspection

Our Indian hair then goes through a wave of quality inspectors, before getting shipped to us here in Australia. It’s then inspected again, before it gets shipped out to you. We are proud of our quality inspection and work hard to ensure you are getting consistent quality hair every time you order from us. We do our best making sure our hair is of the highest quality so our customers can experience a long lasting and problem free hair extension experience.

Please note : Despite our thorough 4 step process, there still may be inconsistencies in color, texture, and manufacturing. Which we will attempt to rectify in each case.